He Wouldn’t Let Go Of His Army Mom. But Now Keep Your Eye On His Sister…

What happens when your mom suddenly pops up in your school assembly and you see after 7 months? The Kurek Kids witnessed an incredible surprise at their Valley View Elementary school in Rockford, MI. They saw their mom after 7 months, as she was at a medical training camp in the army. Their mom decided to surprise them at a school assembly, there is disbelief and shock because she was supposed to come home later that night.

The heart twisting scene was worth witnessing as the kids saw their mom the little seven-year-old cheerleader could not hold her emotions and flooded with tears as she hugged her mom.

Elise said in a video shared by USA today “I was expecting just to go see my kids and pull them out of school, but this was way more than I expected”. She has two weeks to spend with her kids before she returns back. This mesmerizing re union definitely stole our hearts. The flood of emotions that she witnessed was definitely more than she expected, imagine meeting your babies after 7 months we are sure you will have the same level of emotional intensity at that point in time.